It's been a while since our 30th Class Reunion but we're keeping this web page so we have an easy way to organize for the next reunion. Any volunteers for the next committee?

We have a new Facebook Group for our class. Please join us there for conversation and whatnot.

As far as the 30th Reunion, here is a link for some pictures. . . .



Friday night we had a tailgate party at Jackson Square, listened to Leslie play with Van Eaton & Friends, watched Oak Ridge beat Halls 14 - 7, and celebrated at the Buffalo Grill. Saturday, we toured the new high school (9:30) and partied like it was 1979 at the Doubletree .

Incriminating evidence of the above activities can be found here and on various people's Facebook pages.

Check out the video Scott made for us to get us in the mood.
Go, Scott! You the man!!!

( Don't worry - you aren't paying for this . . .)

Let's try to keep in touch so we don't have such a hard time finding everyone next time.

Join our Facebook group - ORHS Class of 79 - you can catch up with many of your classmates. If you don't want to get on Facebook, please consider emailing us your information at  We'll keep you informed that way.